Windows phone 7 workshop at CEG, anna univ


Windows Phone 7

Do you possess a hotshot mobile? Want to know about the Windows 7 OS to install in your mobile? Windows Phone 7 is the latest phone platform launched a year ago on February 2010. Since its launch it’s been hot property and customers have been swarming over to purchase Windows Mobiles. The innovative user interface and multi faceted functionality are just the tip of the iceberg. We believe Windows Phone 7 is an upcoming area and needs proper introduction among the students. Hence, ITrix 11 hosts a Windows Phone 7 Workshop which is aimed at providing an overview of this new Windows Phone 7 platform and then conduct a workshop on building applications for the same. To get a better hands-on experience it advised to bring a laptop of battery backup of minimum 1 hour along with you. The workshop will be conducted by Microsoft Evangelists. Do not miss this opportunity folks!




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