Flight 11 – Tech Fest of Dept of Aerospace Eng, MIT, Anna University

Date of Function: March 23,24 ,2011

flight 2011

The month of March at MIT witnesses the illuminating, inspiring and interesting National Level technical Symposium – FLIGHT! Drawing the most brilliant technical minds across the nation towards MIT, FLIGHT is one of the most creative Technical Symposia in the field of Aerospace Engineering. Students battling with their brains to tackle the most challenging problems in the Aerospace industry, compete for glory in Mega events such as Skydive & Turboraft, designers eagerly displaying their hand-work in the glider contest, amateurs testing their whirling boomerangs, young astronauts launching water-propelled rockets, wizards proving their designing capability using software packages, the list of activities goes on and on. Special guest lectures by renowned scientists from various research organizations will surely enthrall the audience and leave them more knowledgeable. FLIGHT thus unravels the hidden talents, answers many veiled curiosities, develops healthy relations amongst the future scientists of our nation and above all, kindles the spirit of curiosity. FLIGHT ‘11 is unique and is a trendsetter for other technical symposia. We believe that all our activities should not just be fun but also develop awareness amongst the public by pursuing and developing technologies that are essential for a greater good. This year’s FLIGHT ’11 has many events focusing on the theme of green flight. Future trends are moving towards greener flights which produce less emission and use less fuel and other resources. We believe in being the pioneers in increasing the awareness regarding the trends in Aerospace Engineering to the broader community.

Sky Dive

Have you ever been dumbstruck by the way birds glide and soar?

Beauty of the Beast

Want to see some breathtaking pictures of aircrafts?

Flight Global

Serious about Aviation? Here is something to quench your thirst….

To know more about different RC stuff you need…..


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