An Indian Competitor to the iPad

Indians now don’t have to wait for the iPad to be  launched in India. Founders of Hyderabad based startup Notion Ink, Rohan Sharavan and Rohit Rathi have come up with a tablet PC called Adam, which is being billed as iPad Killer.

After an initial prototype of Adam was showcased at CES, the tablet is scheduled for a Sunday showcase at MWC, Barcelona. But was first previewed at Hyderabad’s BVRIT Innovation Centre, where Notion Ink is based.

Design of the Adam Tablet, as Markarand Deshpande (an alumnus and visiting faculty at National Institute of Design) says, has been inspired by a spiral-bound notebook. As a designer for Adam, Makrand says that they did not simply give in to the current trends in design of the touchscreen devices, that are more concentrated on making extensive use of the features of OS, while keeping the external design minimalistic. Rather, they had an extensive design survey and analysis to identify many more  ‘happening’ trends.

That resulted in Adam havinga swivel camera, a feature that makes it unique from other other tablet devices.

As Makrand says,

“You can record lectures while simultaneously taking notes on it.”

On the specs front, Adam seems to to justify its billing as an iPad Killer.

  • OS : Android 2.1 (Chromium and Ubuntu support coming soon)
  • Processor : nVidia’s Tegra 2 dual core ARM Cortex A9. This gives Adam full HD support (1080p as against iPad’s 720p)
  • Display : Two different versions here : One with a 10-inch transreflective Pixel Qi screen (assures better visibility under direct sunlight) and one with a standard LCD display.
  • Flash Support : Yes!! It runs Flash 10.1
  • Connectivity : 3 USB Ports, an HDMI port and an expandable SD Card Slot. (iPad has no USB support)
  • 3G Support : yeah!! But sadly, not for the Indian version of the Adam, as the government here is still going at a snail’s pace to roll out 3G Spectrum.
  • Battery Life: Tegra 2 Chip and Pixel Qi screen means that Adam has a battery life (and performance) twice than that of iPad.

The makers of Adam say the US market will provide them a huge opportunity, because of the users’ general high awareness of the technology. Adam will first be launched in the US around June/July. No word on pricing though.

Adam certainly has a lot of potential. It can sure give a lot of sleepless nights to guys at Cupertino. We wish the makers all the luck for their product. And We cant wait to get our hands on it. Stay tuned to OnlyGizmos for more details of an Indian Launch.


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