Madras Contemporary Art Show


Madras Contemporary is a Fine Art show that features the artworks of C. Douglas, Benita Perciyal, C Krishnaswamy, Raghava K K, S. Yuvaraj, R Magesh, Abraham George & Yuvaraj Vivek. For the first time in Chennai, a show like this will be presented to art audiences and collectors. The artworks represented in this show feature a wide range of media from paintings, photographs, installations and performances. The work of each artist represents the current trends in art that is being created in Madras. Ashvita is proud to define this group as the quintessential collective of artists who represent the Madras Art Movement in this contemporary forum.

Featuring Artists : C Douglas / Benita Perciyal / C Krishnaswamy / Raghava K K / S Yuvaraj / R Magesh / Yuvaraj Vivek / Abraham George.


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