Osama’s youngest son on the run to sue the US

London, May 11 (IANS) The youngest son of Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden is on the run and may be plotting revenge, a media report said.

Hamza Bin Laden, 20, was being groomed to succeed his father as head of the terror outfit, The Sun reported.

Though US commandos reportedly thought they had eliminated him in the raid on bin Laden in Abbottabad in Pakistan, it has now emerged that Hamza had been confused with his elder brother Khalid, 22.

Hamza was dubbed the ‘Crown Prince of Terror’ after he appeared in a jehadist film clutching a rifle aged just 15.

Papa bin Laden, who plotted the 9/11 terror attack, had 24 kids.

Another son, Omar, was reportedly preparing to sue the US over his father’s killing.


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