Asus to unviel a phone docking tablet at computex

We love teasers, but the wait can be unbearable sometimes. Luckily, all it takes is a tweak in the URL to uncover ASUS’ upcoming Computex teaser pics ahead of time, as discovered by our eagle-eyed reader Anas. As you might have already figured out, the image on the left — which just went live — seems to be just a reminder of the Eee Pad MeMO’s June launch, though the words “A Tablet That Jumps Out at You” could also imply a device bearing 3D functionality of some sort. Maybe ASUS managed to upgrade said 7-inch Honeycomb tablet just in time? We shall see.But the real meat here lies in the remaining image, which is scheduled to close the loop on the “Pad or Phone” teaser campaign this coming Sunday. What’s new is merely the intriguing line “How about Both?” below the old text, accompanying the silhouette of what appear to be a large tablet and a smaller phone-like device. Could this mean ASUS is toying with the idea of an Atrix-like docking combo, except the lapdock is instead just a tablet? We could well be stretching here, but hey, ASUS does say it wants to “break the rules,” right? Stay tuned as we’ll find out more at Computex 2011 next week.


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