Windows 8? next microsoft windows release

One of de most awaiting release!!! Windows 8.
Microsoft has started building their next windows operating system windows8. They have also started a blog to get the feedback from the customers. bacause in their previous release, they got some negetive feedback. So, to acheive the perfection and what people are expecting. they created this blog.
Here is the link

Original words from Windows Live President Steve Sinofsky
” the blog is a part of Microsoft’s efforts not to repeat the mistakes of the past and Windows Vista.”
“We’ve heard people express frustration over how little we’ve communicated so far about Windows 8,” he wrote in the inaugural post. “We’ve certainly learned lessons over the years about the perils of talking about features before we have a solid understanding of our ability to execute.”

“Rather than generating traffic or building excitement, this blog is here to provide a two-way dialog about the complexities and tradeoffs of product development,” he wrote.


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