Skype to acquire Groupme

Group me which is founded last year is group messaging service which allows users to message each other for free over mobile devices. Skype has a good reason to acquire this groupme. In the competitor space, there is great competition among google, apple and microsoft’s skype.


Google has its google voice, google+. Apple going to launch its iMessage for its iPhone very soon. Facebook recently launched its own group messaging service based on Beluga. By acquiring groupme, skype attains the capability of text, voice and video features which leads to a great enhancement. Also skype going to add the users of groupme to its million users

Note that the deal $8.5billion between the skype and microsoft is not over.
Communication has moved from telephone to mobile to internet based now. i think! this is the future which integrates mobile messaging, email messaging and voice, all in one. lets see.


Share your thoughts:)

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