Twitter Business

Posting Habits:  Referred from twitter official help files.

  1. Monday: special Promotions
  2. Tuesday: Behind-the-scenes
  3. wednesday: Helpful tips
  4. Thursday: Media Spotlights
  5. Friday: focus on your people


Ask questions.Listen. Then show people you’re listening by responding. You’ll be amazed at the valuable insights you'll get about your customers.
Watch the clock. keep your messages timely by tweeting your relevant tweets during events or breaking news
Use Hashtags for your tweets,   so that audience can organise your tweets and also can join conversation.
Behind the scene photos or insights about your Business 's process.
Give Deal/offer/discounts/promos to your followers.
Share positive Tweets that solve a problem, answer a question, entertain or inspire
Don’t be afraid to ask.
Get proactive. Ask your customers if they are following you on Twitter and what they think about your Tweets. Find out if there’s anything you can do differently that would make the experience better or more valuable for them.

Basic Description:

Twitter is a social network has simple option
POST : Where you can post your status upto 142 words
RETWEET : you can reply to you friend status. This reply is tweeted on your friend wall
FAVOURITE : This let you to mark any tweets as your favourite
FOLLOW : this let to know you what the following person is updating in his wall like 'what he is doing, where he is goin.,etc. 
you will see the tweets of one who you are following.As same like that The one who is following you would see whatever you are doing.
For example:If i'm searching 'nokia' Twitter people who tweeted their tweets with '#nokia' would be listed in my search list. You might have heard of this word- Twitter trends Twitter trending is top listed according to the counting of #word.
MESSAGE option
Its messaging service to your friend personally

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