Google CEO’S tips to Entrepreneurs

1. Innovation is important, but that must be useful to the people

2. Leadership quality is very important.

3. Don’t waste the time once you are decided to achieve. Use every minute to make a profit.

4. Your childhood learning will decide your life. So, better use your childhood days.

5. Don’t have negative thoughts about a person after first meeting itself.

6. Everyone earn money from others pockets only. So, better understood their problems n give solution. Hence, they voluntarily put their money in your pocket.

7. You can earn money by free services too

8. Use every employee’s strength to make your company growing

9. Don’t depend on any others for your industry. It will give freedom and you can decide your profits.

10. Don’t waste your money in unwanted things. Try to minimize

11. Don’t be shy, if you are asked to value your product. Be confident and say about your product features and get your money.

12. Don’t leave your hope, if others didn’t understand your dreams.

13. You should give hope and satisfaction to your share holders about your business.

14. Take decision considering the future.

15. Products quality will get you fame than from marketing and advertisement.

16. Do no Evil

17. Respect and give freedom to your employees

18. Don’t believe on old age beliefs

19. Be careful about the opponents

20. Share your profits with your customers. This won’t decrease your profits. It will increase.
That’s what I collected from about his book. Share with your friends and please like our facebook pages.


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