Learnings: Marketing business with Slideshare

Hi all. I was reading social media lessons from socialmediaexaminer to enrich my social media marketing tricks. On the go came to find how Slide-share can help our business to reach our customers and generate new leads.

Every time, we do some research for our business before taking any decisions. we may collect plenty of results for that. Right? so why should us waste that… we can prepare a presentation/report about that for our future reference and we can publish that too. Guess there would be no problems in sharing knowledge.
What you will get by slideshare!
  • Generates new exposure to your business
  • New leads. Purely business leads
  • Site traffic growth
In Slideshare, you can share any type of digital contents like info-graphics, presentation, reports. web casts and word documents.
Author Todd from SMExaminer explains that when you host complex documents on slideshare, it will generate a neat presentation. If you want, you can embed that slide in your site. when it comes to uploading content, it will automatically detect whether it’s vertical or horizontal or video and place it in right category. Another advantage is that it will crap the data from PDF and Slides.
By using slide-share Analytics, you can track your report views and referring links.
Way to capture leads
Placing a Form in your slide. Like at the starting, or may at the end or in between. If people really interested in your content, they will fill your form. you can customize your form according to your needs.
If CISCO, IBM and DELL are using slide-share to expose their business, then why not us ?
share your comments 🙂

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