What are all Tools available for running Social Media Contest-Promotion?


– Cost Effective Provider

– Easy interface to create apps

– Lot of templates available to get started

– Every month they provide a Resources as a PDF to leverage your business. I have very much benefitted from their resources.


Agorapulse is one of the leader in market in Providing Facebook custom apps, Contest App and Promotion App and competitor benchmark kind of that.

They are very good at providing customer service. I am fan of their customer service



Its a free Iframe facebook app integrater provider.

You can custom app to you facebook Page without any branding of the provider. If you are a better programmer, it will be very helpful. In my experience,

– i try to create simple page like Contact form, Map, Restaurent menus or Product description page

– And store those in my webserver and get the link of stored address (example.com/fbcontactform.html)

– Therby, i will integrate those in Facebook using this Iframehost as a Iframetab


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