Analytics tools a advertiser and Social Media Manager should be proficient of?

Google Analytics

  • The Popular analI think, i no need to explain more about this as you may aware of that
    Advanced usage of Ganalytics is
  • Goals
  • Multi-Channel Funnel Setup
  • Ecommerce Performance
  • Event Tracking
  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Setup Dashboard (Try to setup custom dashboard, it will be awesome)
  • Experiment

Supermetrics – Simple and cheap Reporting Automation Tool

Why Supermetrics?

  • Less reporting, more analysis: Pull all your marketing metrics into one place.
  • Best-in-class integrations with Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Linkedin and other marketing platforms you use. Automate the manual work and save you time.
  • No more manual copy/pasting or importing CSV files. Save 10 to 30 hours of time every month.
  • Allow you to customize your reports in any way you want.
  • Get any metrics you need, combine them with any dimensions and visualize them in any form you want.



– Called as Content Marketing Metrics and Social Discovery
– Can find the Medium (Facebook, Twitter.etc) which is good for your business
– Social Discovery: Who is your Influencer, whome to follow, whom to reply and kind of engagement recommendation

Measurely- content stats


– I use this in Day to Day life, Heavily in mobile to monitor the URL click stats as i work around lot of Domain ads in Facebook.

– With Google Url builder and Google Analytics, you can deeply analyze which PPC campaign gives you high performace.

– With Google URL builder, you can create many bitly links for single URL. For example, if you are running three different campaign for Single Destination ? how can you identify which link got you traffic or your objective? So using different links, you can identify easily.

bitly stats


– Called as All in one Dashboard.

Because Under one dashboard, you can monitor everything you need like social Media stats, Web site traffic, Ad performance, Contest Performance, Email Marketing.,etc

I have recently came across this and highly productive and easy to monitor whole things.



Honestly, not heavily used this but came across Marketing Professionals speak about this Product as a useful one. May be give a try.


– if you ask me, one of the must greatest utility tool anyone should be proficient? is MS Excel. It has huge number of functions any can use it.

– I use it for many process from Editorial planning to Execution. Pivot Charts, Sort&Filter, Calculations, Report Making.

– You can analyze any datas without any other tools using Ms Excel only.


Share your thoughts:)

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