How to develop ourself in Personal life, Career, Work and Leadership?

I am in midst of preparing a presentation which i need to present my boss, the concept to build a marketplace business. This has been assigned to me on october month which i shown a preview to them and it didn’t went through how i expected.

The question to me is simple “How to we build our platform similar like the world class product such as A company & B company and what are the learning from them”

The presentation i provided wasn’t more depth though. I still feel that should have done it before and so i re opened that to do it again.


After lots of research, one of the concept which really affected me, PLATFORM THIKING from sangeet paul, author of Platform Scale book. I read most of his content in and out as all the content are interesting and has something which can learn and imply. From that inspiration, i finished the below slide and done a quick demo session to my colleague.



After went through, she gave me three inputs.

  1. The idea is good and the content too but the flow is missing between slides. Even if you don’t speak also > People need to understand from the slides easily.
  2. Try to incorporate some data from Reebonz and show where we are now
  3. Prepare the action points and show the timeline.

and while leaving she mention that i need to improve my presentation skill and people are sitting in the hall giving a option to speak. And that strike my heart to develop those skills.

Because this is not going to help me only here, it also going to help pitching myself, my new concept, my ideas, my brand to new people i meet.

Here am, this is are few tips i learned so far on this path of learning this skill.

Each story should have a start, Middle and End. Should have a personal experince as a touch. Remember or play back the videos of Iphone launch by Steve job or Dream speech by Martin Luther King –Nancy Duarte 

This taught me that how i need to put Reebonz info on the end of the slide comparing things with current and plan for future.

You should you show your belief to the people. So the people believe in you will follow you. But don’t change or be changing your belief according to your users needs/feedbacks. Think Apple – Simon 


“You will get the fulfillment in the job only if you help others and not achieving something by yourself”  – Simon

This reminds one of the day where i was giving training to my colleague in thailand and after the 2 days training, I felt like have done something great and wanted to do that often. And it also reminds how i need to move forward my days in every day work in the office helping others.

On Product/Company/Personal Development

Scott Belsky speak “What are you will to be bad at

A excellent speak explains,

How to differentiate yourself from others and how to pitch with customers. says “Ask Again and again what do you want to be best at? And what are you will be bad at?” And then develop the things.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.24.31 PM

This will also help us to develop our skills to improve the career and not just only in product/brand development. A framework which can help you , on the initial business planning and, what you should be doing when the competition increase. so when apple launched its product, it was on top level of design strength and recently most of pc developers are near or moved to focus on design field. Hence here they need to rethink whether you want to be 20X on the design or find other sector like cost or product line where they need to improve on.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.14.18 PM.png

And don’t need to do a bigger feedback analysis or anything to improvement but the below question on the consistent basis to your employees that will dictate how you should operate and to the customers will dictate where you are in the market.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.17.32 PM


And will be continuing…



Share your thoughts:)

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