Bayan Olgii – The silent town at the western Mongolia with splendid nature and delicious organic meat

Living the 8th day of trip to china and Mongolia. May be it is always the case for me that I plan something and something else happening 😕
I supposed to be hiking the altai mountain which shares the border of Mongolia , Russia and china!
If God has planned for it , I will be sharing the photos from the peak capturing the view of this countries 😍
Whatever but it is a two good day in olgii collecting some memories. I need to be upfront telling that this place is not developed area.

Meaning to say it is very untouched by commercialization and that’s why we are able to see splendid nature , funny Kazakh kids and the organic food (mainly the meat from the highly active sheep 🐑 imagine how nutritious 😎)
Landed from ulanbaatar via affordable Mongolian air (SGD100) , my travel host picked up me from the airport to the Gher where I stay (approximately 6km). The route was awesome with mountain and a small river across the airport and the town.
The first day was a schock that need to wait for weekdays to get border permit for the hiking. So went to on exploring what this town has to offer and It is a Kazakh majority town which is muslim population, so I thought of visiting masjid to finish my prayers , having food and also walking around the town . So far below are the photos from this experience
For Traveller Travelling in this route:

  • Do not expect anything from this place except nature and food
  • No public transport 
  • Mostly hitchhiking
  • Expect a frequent weather changes than your  girl Afriend mind 
  • Very few hotels to stay
  • Try sheep meat here. The best organic you can  ever get . I dint care much about the oil in the food but was super delicious 😋 
  • Try a 8am or 9am jogging to the mountain slope which is just 2km from the town 
  • Read that there is mountain biking rental available at blue wolf travels , so you can try that as well.

To altai

  • Going to Altai mountain from here is  200km one way
  • You need border permit 
  • Mandatory local guide cost $15-$30 per day
  • Better to come here on June – august month, so its easy to form as a group and go to altai, otherwise it is costly per person to reach there. 
  • Remember the minimum days needed are are two days and it cost $60-$100 per day 
  • Your can rent tent ⛺️ from bayan olgii which cost $10 if you bother to carry a tent

Business ideas which i noticed :

  1. Leather related business as it has rich raw materials
  2. Rental services like bike , cycle (no such thing now)
  3. Educational institutions / skills training as there is less number of institutions 
  4. Can export milk, meat, related products 
  5. Copy cat service based ideas for under developed towns 
  6. Ngo activities

Click here to know more about travelling on the beautiful route to altai mountain and how the scenery looks,
Click here if want to see how it feel hiking in altai and photos of the snow peak, glaciers and mountains.

Kazakh kids at Bayan olgii Mongolia

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