Ulanbaatar – Emerging city at eastern Mongolia with cool weather and memories of Genghis Khan 

Planning to travel Mongolia ? Don’t think too much , just book your ticket and You should go dude 

As said by all Travellers, let me repeat it 

“Untouched country from the globalisation or environmental distraction. It offers every type of nature except sea. Mountains, lakes , snow , wind, desert, etc ”

Ulanbaatar could be a bit exception that the city is slowly growing in terms of materialism and commercialisation 

What you can expect ? 

  • Nature 
  • Cold weather 
  • Best hospitality 
  • Not much strict rules and kind police 👮 
  • Clean places
  • Memories of Genghis Khan 
  • Unexpectedly admiring girls like cute Apple 🍎 


Are you a person like me who has been always living in the hot sunny weather ? Especially in south India and singapore . You will enjoy this weather. 

While I was preparing for the trip , I read in a article that there is lot of pollution in ulanbaatar and so I was trying to be careful when I arrived at the railway station from beijijg. The first thing I saw is a small white particle flowing from the air, I assumed it is the pollution which they mentioned (experiences the same in Beijing as well)… but it is SNOW 😍😍 

That was a welcome sign to me hahah. I was like dude this is enough for the whole trip we planned but there was more surprises. It was very cold and it is -3 weather. Then all the shopping I made at home from decathlon for the first time is useful (multi use case hand band , gloves, Top headband , 3 layer jacket setup, thick woollen shocks ) #ThingsToBring #WhatToShop

Taxi Drivers and expected we can’t speak the same language. I showed them the hostel address from the google Map (#DownloadOfflineMap). He was able to recognise and able to bring me until a dead end road from there he can’t drive (That was a error we took the wrong road) . So I got down as it just 400 meters from there to hostel (20,000 TUGRIK for taxi, I guess it is costly and I never took taxi after that )  #Transport 

Tip: if you wanted to stay in TOP Tour traveler hostel , you can take bus from railway station to department store stop (which is a big department store in ulanbaatar) and this stop is before parliament building stop 
I went to find the hostel and realized it is actually in a apartment and they have modified few flat was hostel but that was nice 👍 

Until that time it was small snow and cold wind blowing 
Everytime i go out, the weather was enjoyable at 3-10 degree (it is worth for people like me ) 
On another  day I went to the nearby Gorkhi Teralj national park which was so much scenery. People say it will be Super good when it is summer. And am in spring but it was still worth a visit (below photos can share a glimpse of those mountains) 

The mountain was full of horse , sheep and two occasion saw Camel as well on the road. Can you imagine a scene where two horse were sharing their love (kinda kissing) and the weather with full of snow ❄️! Man i was so loved to see that unexpectedly (Below is the video) 

One thing is you will feel so good if you go on summer because everything will be green what you can expect than that ! Or else go on A time where it is full of snow as well hahah 

And there was nomad family which prepared lunch for us. 

And we had a horse 🐴 riding!!! For the first time , I learned it. 

When they got me on the horse and gave the rope , I was like guys what you doing ? I donno to ride!, then was happy news that there was another rope the guide took it sitting on his horse. So for almost like 15-20minutes I was just sitting on the horse and observing what the horse does. The first lesson is I learned is the one main rope is used to change the direction of the horse riding. I mean if you try to move the rope to left, the horse will move on left , as the rope is connected to its nose #SelfLearned 

After that I got confidence and asked the guide to  give the rope to me and started riding it for next 30-45minutes (watch the below video for horse riding surviving skills ) 


It was good experience and the only bad thing after riding the horse on the bumpy land is my ass pain for next 2days as i try to ride fast and the horse is like jumping ) 


Usually they will charge from USD45 to USD90 according to the number of person for the arranged tour or else you can rent a car and driver which cost like $40 without petrol or any permit or horse riding or Genghis Khan status but you get flexibility. 

For me i told my hostel owner that I want cheaper option and fortunately they got another two people and it save some money. So I paid $35 as the return journey for me is by Bus and not by car as the car will be with those two guys who will stay in the park on the night with nomad family . 

As mentioned by stranger aka travel guide I met near parliament building that the nomad business in the park become very commercialised and it is not authentic nomad ℓife. Anyway I wasn’t really willing to experience nomad ℓife, I want to know more about Genghis Khan ℓife 

Share your thoughts:)

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