Mongolia – Adventurous Hiking in the snow peak of Altai Tavan Bogd

May9: This day breaks all the adventurous and beautiful scenic moments i enjoyed in my previous days. God is great, He is the master of art on painting up the nature with perfect match. Imagine you are seeing a scene where the cloud, ice and snow speak all are white but distinct.

there are few intention in my heart to see this place. First was the best scenic i never saw before , no glacier or snow mountain in my life time. Second, the much happiness and satisfaction i got when hiking in taiwan about the nature after hiking with all your energy. Every time i achieve something great the amount of thankfullness to the god keep increasing. So i made a intention to the god that am going to do this just because i want to see all your great creations and so he made it wasy for me to attain this. Even if this is small achievement, am satisified.

I encountered few difficulties to do this:

  • Had very short number of days to spend, strict schedule
  • it takes 3 days to reach olgii from ulanbaatar on road according to online sources
  • hence i booked a direct flight with cheaper option 
  • arrived on saturday morning with a suprise awaited that i need border permit to hike this place as it touches china and russia 
  • and the border permit not possible on weekends
  • on weekdays, it may take 1 hour to two days
  • To reach the mountain from olgii is 200km one way and there is no public transport for it (it take 6-7hours one way)
  • you need two days minimum to go this place (One day to transport, and another day to hike) 
  • somepeople who sre lucky have lot of days and so they can do like One day for transport, second day for one way hike, stay in the tend, third day return hike and third or fourth day to come back to olgii or continue hiking to diffeenr mounts
  • i was rushing by doing both hike way on one day and leave the mount on 6pm to reach back home by 11.30pm
  • and there is no road to travel this route
  • and it is costly business(see the below notes about the pricing)

whatever the difficulties , the happiness and satisfaction after the trip will totally erase all the worry thoughts you had.

This is the route to the mountain peak map... 
Am dividing this article into two parts
1. The road less travelled and the community i encounter (on seperate article)
2. The experience and some lessons i learned to be remembered

The Experience:

on hike:
it was cery exciting when i start with freaking cool breeze and enjoyable while walking. Also When crossing small glacier , and looking at the snow peaks on the side was totally amazing. There are two girls who are using horse to look at the scenaries instead of walking and we have have used them as a direction too. One advantage was while crossing small glaciers we won't know whether it is safe or not and hence we can always use the horse path but on the return route they left early and so we test everytime with pole stick and crossed but still we did face some difficult situation that half of our one leg goes inside the glacier. It was okay to enjoy those experience and thank god we didnt face any dangerous situation. We reached very near to the base camp and trying to look at the maichin peak and kaitun uul peak but unfortunately due to the thick snow , it totally hided those peaks. We still dint give up and try to go near also by climbing up . The video embedded here is from that tall view only.

It is a unexplainable moment to explain here , (due to snow my iphone also keep switching off, not sure is it because of the water content, so couldn't take much photos ) but thankfully it was working and thats from the second attempt i took the video. I wanted to climb up 50m to reach 3000m but time didnt permit. It was an inspiring moment for next adventures, becuase the view and number of kilometer we walked was long. Also the route look at the below pic

there is pain on the ankle when i walk reason being the route are neither flat nor steep but in between so when a you walk the pressure goes to one side of the walk. The hiking pole stick is still helpful but only to a extent.

One of the mistake i did was wearing a hiking shoe but not for glaciers situation. So when i walk in the glaciers, whenever my foot goes inside, the ice goes inside the foot and it would be very cold. My guide was mentioning about my shoe to another guide and laughing 😏 I didnt know that i should wear this shoe. However comparing with previous hikes i had much improvement.

Before hike:
First thing first i should mention that is very helpful providing hking tips in every detail it needed for hikers. I try to follow the advices much as possible
Things to pack:
Head band,
Multi usage head band,
Headlight (which wasnt useful as i didnt stay in tent but gher )
Hiking stick (very useful)
Binocular (not heavily useful but still helps to look at peak. And my guide showed me wolf at snow but i couldnt really see)

From previous experience and tips from

Initially i thought that am supposed to bring food for two days but it become a day hike. And becuase of 3litres water my bag become heavy around 6kg which was wrong as well but still it was a good practice to carry that weight and train myself. According to hikingdude, your weight cannot be one third of your body weight. And my body weight is 66.5 , so the luggage was not bad. I can avoid as well.

Morning breakfast wasnt good as well this time, it is just bread and traditional tea. On one way, my guide drank any water, i was the one drinking sip by sip on every few kilometres. On 70% of the trip, we ear two snickers. From the list, i bought snickers, peanuts, water, apple and orange(but left in car itself), again another peanut styled candy( which eat only one bar)

So lunch is one packed of peanut(200gram) which was bit disturbing while walking later. And i had exaclt 4 snickers on the whole hike, one candy bar and water(myself 1.5l-2liter). Thats it.
May be the usualy habit of not having breakfast on office time has helped my one way? I donno but it was okay. When i finished the hike, i was very hungry yaaaaa, started eating the rest of the candy bar.

way to dress
3 layer dress (long sleeve hike tshirt, middle layer thick jacket and outer layer which is water resistant)
Multi trouser
Jean inside
Hand gloves(very useful)
Hiking shoe
Woollen shocks (very very useful on whole of my trip)

Medical and sleep:
- we need to make sure we get proper sleep on last night before we hike
- i carried few medical item which wasn't used as i never got any big injuries(carried first aid kit, mosquito patch, scar
[photo here]

I did went for jogging for 5km previous day just to check how is my fitness level. It was okay with a test on comd weather.
Also before i come here, whenever i go for exercise on weekends, i trained myself with the below excercise. The main point i learned is bottom body fiteness is important than the upper body. My weakness was bottom and good upper body, so i need to do extra exercise for bottom.

Also before i do my shopping, i have asked few questions from my friend chapman who has good amount of experience who gave good ideas as well. It helped me to improve my self on food and what to buy.

After hike:
man!!! The leg was super paining and it was difficult to move when i reach home. Un expectadly, instead of applying foot pain cream, i applied axe oil which i saw my grandma usually do, it was WORKIND AND NEXT DAY AFTER THE SLEEP i was able to walk. It was not the case when i hiked in taiwan, it was paining for the next few days.

After the hike, i finished my usual prayers , it was a good warm up as well 😊 And started driving back on 5.30 or 6pm and reached home on 11.30pm 😊

In the meanwhile i shared those happiness on instagram as well 😜 it was good achievement NO?

Am planning to add some videos I took on the peak in case that is useful 

Share your thoughts:)

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