Seeking knowledge in china – visiting Uyghur community and 9th Century Niujie masjid –  Dongsi masjid – Silk Road food [video]

A short visit to Niujie masjid: oldest masjid in Beijing with colourful Chinese architecture

History is always fascinating which teaches what works and what Not, From personal development to business ideas…
Take it as Christianity or Islam or any other religion, the people who embraced each of the belief is mainly because people are inspired by

– the good morals the messengers of the religion taught and

– also they saw how it helped the communities to live peacefully and harmony.

Hence the religions spread to each corner of the world. One of the contribution is from the Traders, they showed what it is good morals and characters to Malaya and Chinese while they trade.
Than the money and business, Travelling and visiting this communities helped to learn lot of good things as a person. It always remind how morals and characters are important when looking at this people. One of the best things is I learn to smile at every strangers and thus impacting how am developed as a person.

Hence I did planned to visit the local communities and masjid but don’t know it was very near from the hostel stay. Was very hungry after I reached the hostel and also bit worried by my friends saying that there is not much option for halal food in Beijing. Thankfully the second shop from hostel is that halal restaurant with beer serving available😀 (definition of halal in china seems different). Anyway the food was halal, the restaurant owner was kind to show me when I asked about the nearby masjid and he coincidentally showed me the masjid I wanted to. #

Got into the bus , reached the stop, couldn’t find the masjid easily even after asking few people but finally there was a one of Islamic restaurant there which shared the correct location
This below video I took while searching the masjid. It can show how the streets of Islamic restaurants, uighur community , streets of Nujie

This second below video is a 12minutes video which show the most part of the masjid. I had some commentary as well 😊😊 inside the masjid. The masjid is very beautiful, colourful with Chinese architecture, it is very interesting to see how different communities embrace Islam and how their skills, culture impacts on the architecture of masjid, people characters. I would recommend anyone to visit this kinda places and see what we can learn.

A short note about what I learned there:

– there is 35000 masjid in china

– 22million people live in china

– 200,000 in Beijing alone

– Current China government has very balanced approach on handling the religious and extremism as well which is a good thing

– Comparing people in western China, In Beijing people look smiling, peaceful, not much fear and doing good (just my observation)

Other Masjid to see in Beijing:

Dongsi Masjid:



Finding the right food could be a nightmare but my findings below

I did happen to see and learned a lot but So far this is what i could compose!





Share your thoughts:)

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