About JK

That’s not a best selfie to explain to me but the lines behind explains me 

There is something which i have not figured it out exactly which made me very curious to look at everything I see. More than 50% of those cases , I go into deep thought about it. 

I was thoughtless only when I look at the one of the splendid creation of God , the nature. 

The deepthoughts are around community, society, people empowerment, business ideas , Digital marketing (core job 😜) , history , leaders , countries , etc. There is no time limit i set to myself what I can think About it expect the bad bad stuff 😋
Donno where it started but I always wanted to be ambitious and do something good to this human and the world before I die. I don’t want to spend rest of my life wasting my time. I have been saying about the unproductive life which I never want to do.
To achieve this, am trying to get exposure and knowledge as much as I can..

Am an Avid book reader , solo backpacker (traveler) , addicted about history and business, digital strategist , peace activist and … 

Just love to write down in this blog what am passionate about, learned , travelled, thinking about , etc. 

About my professional life : LinkedIn.com/in/jk.baseer

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