[UPDATE] Facebook Released Multi-Product ads & Deep Level-User Defined Retargeting

Multi-Product ads

As Marketers have been getting good results from Dynamic Product Display ads through Google Display ads and now thankfully its available in Facebook Too. See the image below from Facebook Portal which shows multi-Product ads. This feature is only available through Ads API (Only 3rd party Ads API Providers) for now, It will be rolled out on all its ads interface within this year.

Each product highlighted will have its own image, description and click target.

Deep Level-User Defined Retargeting

One type of Custom Audience in Facebook is Retargeting which was previously used to Retarget the users who has visited the whole website or Particular Pages.

Now releasing the deep targeting, Advertisers are able to target the users by Past Visitor behavior like their Purchase history, Products added or Any Custom Events we defined.

Use Case of this 2 Features:

Lets say we have 2000 Visitors on Particular Category (Assume = Luxury Bags) and there is only Less Purchase on that category for sometime (Might be they don’t like the current products or price is higher). What we can do?

From Old Custom Audience:

–  Using this Custom Audience, we create Audience [Visited Page = http://www.onlineshop.com/Luxury%5D

– We Retarget them with Single Static [Banner giving away Additional Offer to make them Purchase ]


From New Custom Audience:

– Using this Custom Audience, we can create Audience Filtering who have not purchased [LuxuryBags][LuxuryWatches] 

– Create Dynamic Product ads showing different Types of

Bags which is under $100

Bags which is above $100

Bags which has particular Style


So we can try Different type of Multi-Product ads and filtering the users by their past Behavior and make use of this new Feature.. What do you think about this ?

Source Link: Facebook Announcement



Analytics tools a advertiser and Social Media Manager should be proficient of?

Google Analytics

  • The Popular analI think, i no need to explain more about this as you may aware of that
    Advanced usage of Ganalytics is
  • Goals
  • Multi-Channel Funnel Setup
  • Ecommerce Performance
  • Event Tracking
  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Setup Dashboard (Try to setup custom dashboard, it will be awesome)
  • Experiment


– Called as Content Marketing Metrics and Social Discovery
– Can find the Medium (Facebook, Twitter.etc) which is good for your business
– Social Discovery: Who is your Influencer, whome to follow, whom to reply and kind of engagement recommendation

Measurely- content stats


– I use this in Day to Day life, Heavily in mobile to monitor the URL click stats as i work around lot of Domain ads in Facebook.

– With Google Url builder and Google Analytics, you can deeply analyze which PPC campaign gives you high performace.

– With Google URL builder, you can create many bitly links for single URL. For example, if you are running three different campaign for Single Destination ? how can you identify which link got you traffic or your objective? So using different links, you can identify easily.

bitly stats


– Called as All in one Dashboard.

Because Under one dashboard, you can monitor everything you need like social Media stats, Web site traffic, Ad performance, Contest Performance, Email Marketing.,etc

I have recently came across this and highly productive and easy to monitor whole things.



Honestly, not heavily used this but came across Marketing Professionals speak about this Product as a useful one. May be give a try.


– if you ask me, one of the must greatest utility tool anyone should be proficient? is MS Excel. It has huge number of functions any can use it.

– I use it for many process from Editorial planning to Execution. Pivot Charts, Sort&Filter, Calculations, Report Making.

– You can analyze any datas without any other tools using Ms Excel only.

What are all Tools available for running Social Media Contest-Promotion?


– Cost Effective Provider

– Easy interface to create apps

– Lot of templates available to get started

– Every month they provide a Resources as a PDF to leverage your business. I have very much benefitted from their resources.


Agorapulse is one of the leader in market in Providing Facebook custom apps, Contest App and Promotion App and competitor benchmark kind of that.

They are very good at providing customer service. I am fan of their customer service



Its a free Iframe facebook app integrater provider.

You can custom app to you facebook Page without any branding of the provider. If you are a better programmer, it will be very helpful. In my experience,

– i try to create simple page like Contact form, Map, Restaurent menus or Product description page

– And store those in my webserver and get the link of stored address (example.com/fbcontactform.html)

– Therby, i will integrate those in Facebook using this Iframehost as a Iframetab

What are the Advertising Tools a marketer should be Proficient of?

Facebook Power Editor

– Bulk Changes(Audience, Creative, Placement)

– Easy Duplicates of Campaigns and Ads

– Bulk Uploads using Excel Template

– Adding Labels to Campaigns to Classify the campaigns

– Premium Attributes to ads like Placement and Bidding

– Use Saved Audiences to create reusable audience for future audience,

– Use Audiences to upload your email database or Phone numbers of your existing customers

– Use Unpublished Posts from the Editor

– For Premium ads like Mobile App installs, Open Graph sponsored stories

Google Ads Editor

–  Bulk Changes

– Work Offline

– Copying and modifying large number of Selected sections

Bing Editor

– User Interface (Clean)

– Copy to CSV

– Can save time by using previously designed campaigns/ad groups

– You can control quality by using pre-optimized campaign settings

– You can conduct more experiments by using duplicated ad groups with slight changes

– IMPORT and EXPORT only transfer data between online advertising accounts/custom files and Bing Ads Editor’s local database in your PC


I am writing a series of articles which I learned in my way. I am preparing this series to help other marketers like me who are in early stage in Marketing and Advertising. So if you have any other feedbacks and tips to enhance this article, please contribute. It may be useful to others.

I will try update every articles in this series to Latest Version. Thanks for leaving your contribution here 🙂

How to do a basic Facebook promotion for your page?

Important recommendation for Facebook Advertisers!

Do you want to increase your facebook Fan Base of your page or your client Page?  Mainly in the mobile newsfeed, you can see many page likes ad in your android Facebook app. I will help you to how to try this 🙂

General Recommendation:

Ads Creative:

– Place your Pagelikes only on Desktop newsfeed and Mobile Newsfeed.

– In Advance: you can have three ad variation in one Campaign, So that you can check which works better.
Ad1 : Right Hand Placement
Ad2: Mobile Placement
Ad3: Desktop Placement

Age: Less than 40

Interest: According to your business.

Example: For Fashion Portal:

– you can have interest like Beauty Products, Fashion, Luxary Goods

– Else you can target your competitors Fan base like

#Groupon, #Pantaloon Retail India, #HomeShop18, #Flipkart, #Myntra.com, #Snapdeal, #Jabong.com, #Shoppers Stop, #Yebhi.com, #Junglee.com, #Yepme, firstcrycom or #Pepperfry.com

Bidding: Optimized CPM

In India, Current cost per page likes is starting 0.75Paisa if your target audience is greater than 0.1 Million. In Malaysia, Current cost per Page likes is starting on RM0.04

Page Like India

If you need any assistance, feel free to comment here or tweet me @jkbaseer

Open Source Social Network Platform

open source social network platformWow! Imagine that you can built a social network platform. sometimes, i think why we should try giving a shot at creating social network but the coding is hard for me. See, now the dream comes true. Guys, start creating your own social network platform and mail me. i will join in your network.

link www.lovdbyless.com

Twitter Business

Posting Habits:  Referred from twitter official help files.

  1. Monday: special Promotions
  2. Tuesday: Behind-the-scenes
  3. wednesday: Helpful tips
  4. Thursday: Media Spotlights
  5. Friday: focus on your people


Ask questions.Listen. Then show people you’re listening by responding. You’ll be amazed at the valuable insights you'll get about your customers.
Watch the clock. keep your messages timely by tweeting your relevant tweets during events or breaking news
Use Hashtags for your tweets,   so that audience can organise your tweets and also can join conversation.
Behind the scene photos or insights about your Business 's process.
Give Deal/offer/discounts/promos to your followers.
Share positive Tweets that solve a problem, answer a question, entertain or inspire
Don’t be afraid to ask.
Get proactive. Ask your customers if they are following you on Twitter and what they think about your Tweets. Find out if there’s anything you can do differently that would make the experience better or more valuable for them.

Basic Description:

Twitter is a social network has simple option
POST : Where you can post your status upto 142 words
RETWEET : you can reply to you friend status. This reply is tweeted on your friend wall
FAVOURITE : This let you to mark any tweets as your favourite
FOLLOW : this let to know you what the following person is updating in his wall like 'what he is doing, where he is goin.,etc. 
you will see the tweets of one who you are following.As same like that The one who is following you would see whatever you are doing.
For example:If i'm searching 'nokia' Twitter people who tweeted their tweets with '#nokia' would be listed in my search list. You might have heard of this word- Twitter trends Twitter trending is top listed according to the counting of #word.
MESSAGE option
Its messaging service to your friend personally

Skype to acquire Groupme

Group me which is founded last year is group messaging service which allows users to message each other for free over mobile devices. Skype has a good reason to acquire this groupme. In the competitor space, there is great competition among google, apple and microsoft’s skype.


Google has its google voice, google+. Apple going to launch its iMessage for its iPhone very soon. Facebook recently launched its own group messaging service based on Beluga. By acquiring groupme, skype attains the capability of text, voice and video features which leads to a great enhancement. Also skype going to add the users of groupme to its million users

Note that the deal $8.5billion between the skype and microsoft is not over.
Communication has moved from telephone to mobile to internet based now. i think! this is the future which integrates mobile messaging, email messaging and voice, all in one. lets see.