2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year: Chevrolet Volt

“I expected a science fair experiment. But this is a moonshot.”

Chris Theodore is a wily veteran of the auto business, a seasoned development engineer whose impressive resume includes vehicles as thoughtfully executed as the Chrysler minivan and as tightly focused as the Ford GT.

As one of the consultant judges on this year’s COTY panel, Chris brought the deep insight and professional skepticism you’d expect of someone who’s spent his entire working life making cars. But our 2011 Car of the Year, Chevrolet’s ground-breaking Volt, has blown him away.

2011 Chevrolet Volt Rear

“This is a fully developed vehicle with seamlessly integrated systems and software, a real car that provides a unique driving experience. And commuters may never need to buy gas!”

Like all of us on the staff at Motor Trend, Chris is an enthusiast, a man who’ll keep a thundering high-performance V-8 in his garage no matter how high gas prices go. But he nailed the Volt’s place in automotive history: “If this is the brave new world, then it’s an acceptable definition.”

In the 61-year history of the Car of the Year award, there have been few contenders as hyped — or as controversial — as the Chevrolet Volt. The Volt started life an Old GM project, then arrived fully formed as a symbol of New GM, carrying all the emotional and political baggage of that profound and painful transition. As a result, a lot of the sound and fury that has surrounded the Volt’s launchhas tended to obscure a simple truth: This automobile is a game-changer.

BMW Motorrad Concept C

The German company BMW introduced within MOTOBIKE SALON EICMA its newest concept bike BMW Motorrad Concept C, which differs from all previous models of the company is fully LED optics, liquid crystal panels instead of rear view mirrors and simply unique design. Do not forget that submitted a motorcycle – a concept, but probably in the near future, technical solutions are applied it will also appear on production models.

BMW fuel cell motorcycle design concept

Most Welcome to one magnificent looking BMW concept bike. It is white, it is blue, it is black, it is beautiful, and it is hydrogen powered. That is for realzies. Executed by several students of the ISD of Valenciennes (France), made lovely by a vision for the ecological future of motorbikes. Technologies abound, the “BMW HP Kunst” employs a cryogenic hydrogen tank, battery Li-Po, electronical brakes and controls, and electromagnetic suspensions.

These lovely designers position this bike in the HP range of BMW Motorrad, combining what they call the “player temperament” of the supermotard and the sportivity of a roadster. Asymmetry, dynamism, and one fantastic overall look. I’d do it.

Technic :

  • – Aluminium frame, tubular parts in steel and carbon parts
  • – Brushless engine 100kw
  • – Fuel cell
  • – Cryogenic hydrogen tank (capacity 20L)
  • – Battery Li-Po
  • – Electronical brakes and controls
  • – Electromagnetic suspensions

Designer: Arik Schwarz, Benoît Czyz, Charles Edouard Berche, and Vincent Montreuil


BMW to start Motorcycle sales in India

BMW has announces the sale of its select R and K series motorbikes as well as the Superbike S 1000 RR in India. The R series motorbike on offer is the legendary endure bike BMW R1200GS, which has a worldwide reputation of being one of the most exclusive motorbike in its genre with its distinctive boxer engine in exacting.

General Director BMW Motored, explanation on the opening of BMW’s Motorbikes in India- “The BMW Group has already established itself very successfully in India with a local BMW automobile production and a sales network for BMW Group automobiles. Now the market for premium motorbikes is opening to develop, too. We are sure our motorbikes will swiftly grow to be established in timely preparation for the increasing market.”

BMW cars have resulted in its increasing numbers on Indian roads, and now it is time for the German auto maker’s legendary endurance Motorbikes to foray into the Indian motorbikes market.