The importance of DNA & leadership in a organization!

DNA is important in a organization. Real success in a organization or a country happens Only when it has a good leader. A good leader is not the one who pulls everyone and take the lead. It’s people who get inspired, trust and then follow  the leader decision. That’s the starting of the DNA. Leader become the face of the company, so the  people in same DNA

I always try to observe things differently(dunno why 🙂 ),
I analyzed the growth of the companies on its each CEO’s period.

Took Apple, Dell, Microsoft, infosys, amazon &groupon.
For this companies, the company has gradual growth through only one face, single DNA cause of a single inspiring leader. Once in linked stories, CEO of , mentioned in his article how Nissan and Apple when they got the face (Carlos Ghosn & Steve jobs)

From my leanings and understanding, I have some thoughts how to shape the people’s into a single DNA.

1. Listen to everyone, from your top hierarchy to the bottom.

2. Convey your aim, goal and objectives to everyone

3. Involve everyone in the project and make them feel that they are really doing something which makes them interesting ( founder when he do meetings,  used to invite  One staff who is not related to the meeting to make them involve and get insights)

4. When someone comes with a idea, sit n discuss with them, get the reason behind the idea, evaluate and tell whether it can provide good thing to business. If you are not sure, get assistance from others. Don’t act like you know everything. Let someone teach you something 🙂 what if the teach is something new. Give a try, you will really smile…

4. Don’t discourage your staffs..Instead show how to make it happen. Hence they realize their ability.

5. Appreciate ppl’s small work, even the billion money can’t make your ppl happy than appreciating. Try this to any staff tomorrow and see the result!

6. Treat everyone equally

7.   What do you think ?

Learnings: Marketing business with Slideshare

Hi all. I was reading social media lessons from socialmediaexaminer to enrich my social media marketing tricks. On the go came to find how Slide-share can help our business to reach our customers and generate new leads.

Every time, we do some research for our business before taking any decisions. we may collect plenty of results for that. Right? so why should us waste that… we can prepare a presentation/report about that for our future reference and we can publish that too. Guess there would be no problems in sharing knowledge.
What you will get by slideshare!
  • Generates new exposure to your business
  • New leads. Purely business leads
  • Site traffic growth
In Slideshare, you can share any type of digital contents like info-graphics, presentation, reports. web casts and word documents.
Author Todd from SMExaminer explains that when you host complex documents on slideshare, it will generate a neat presentation. If you want, you can embed that slide in your site. when it comes to uploading content, it will automatically detect whether it’s vertical or horizontal or video and place it in right category. Another advantage is that it will crap the data from PDF and Slides.
By using slide-share Analytics, you can track your report views and referring links.
Way to capture leads
Placing a Form in your slide. Like at the starting, or may at the end or in between. If people really interested in your content, they will fill your form. you can customize your form according to your needs.
If CISCO, IBM and DELL are using slide-share to expose their business, then why not us ?
share your comments 🙂