4 Great Articles about Mobile, SEO, Social & Email Marketing recommended

4 Great Articles about Mobile, SEO, Social & Email Marketing recommended by Follow.net.

1. Mobile Landing Page Optimization – 10 Best Practices for Success – by Angie Schottmuller from Search Engine Watch.

2. SEO Predictions for 2014 – It’s the perfect time for SEO and marketers to show on the successes and failures of the previous year, and to make SEO predictions for the year ahead – by Jonny Lis, Digital Marketing Manager.

3. How To Steal Your Competitor’s Social Media Followers – One way to speed up the process of growing online is to tap into a fan base that is already established; that of your competitors – by Felix Tarcomnicu, Entrepreneur and Inbound Marketer.
4. 37 Tips for Writing Emails that Get Opened, Read and Clicked – by Heineken Duistermaat