Tata group market value nears Rs 6 trillion

NEW DELHI: Largely unaffected by the recent carnage in stock markets, salt-to-software conglomerate Tata Group is closing in on to become the country’s first business house to attain a market valuation of Rs 6 lakh crore. The cumulative market capitalisation of all 32 listed companies of the Tata group has risen to nearly Rs 5.90 lakh crore as on Friday — the highest for any business house in the country and almost double the market value of the second ranked Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Group. The total market value of Tata group exceeds the combined market capitalisation of at least three leading business houses in the country — Mukesh Ambani- led RIL group (about Rs 2.75 lakh crore), Kumar Mangalam Birla-led Aditya Birla Group (about Rs 1.5 lakh crore) and Anil Ambani-led Reliance Group (about Rs 62,000 crore). Interestingly, the Tata group’s market value has grown substantially over the past one year, including in the past few months when the overall stock markets have been facing strong headwinds and have lost value. In the past three months, the Tata group’s valuation has grown by over Rs 80,000 crore or over 15 per cent, while the total valuation of Indian markets has actually fallen by about 10 per cent during the same period, shows an analysis of data available from stock exchanges. Tata group, which saw a change of leadership late last year from Ratan Tata to Cyrus Mistry, has seen its valuation growing by over Rs 1 lakh crore since the beginning of this year. On the other hand, valuations of many other large groups have remained either flat or have fallen in the recent months amid a huge volatility in stock markets. While Tatas have the largest number of listed companies among major business houses in the country, RIL alone used to command a market value of over Rs 4 lakh crore a few years ago as the country’s most valued company. However, this position is now occupied by Tata group firm TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) with a market cap of close to Rs 3.96 lakh crore. In comparison, RIL’s market cap currently stands at about Rs 2.75 lakh crore, while its only other listed group company, Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd, has a market value of just about Rs 440 crore.

Morals from superstar Rajini’s song

I am sure there is no one who doesn’t get motivated by this song, rajini’s styleand some powerful lyrics makes this song a morale booster for every one.
Movie: Annamalai
Poet: Vairamuthu
Music Director: Deva
Singer: S.P.Balasubramaniam

(1)vetri nichayam, idhu vedha sathiyam,
kolgai velvadhe, naan konda latchiyam,
success is certain, this is the truth of the vedas,
“My Ideals will win”, this is the goal that I have
(2)ennai madhithaal en uyir thandhu kaappen,
ennai midhithaal irandil ondru paappen,
if you respect me, I will save you at the cost of giving my life,
if you stamp on me, I will see that one of the two of us survives ( I will make sure you learn a lesson)
(3)adey nanba , unmai solven,
savaal vendaam, unnai velven,
oh my friend, I am telling the truth,
don’t challenge me, I am sure to win over you,
(4)imayamalai agaamal enadhu uyir pogaadhu,
sooriyan thoongalaam enadhu vili thoongaadhu,
till my stature grows monumental ( like the himalayas), I will not die,
the sun may sleep ( set), but my eyes will never sleep,
(5)vervai malai sindhaamal vetri malar thoovaadhu,
ellaiyai thodum varai enadhu kattai vegaadhu,
Without the rain of sweat (hard work) , the flowers of success will not shower,
till I reach the goal, my body will not be destroyed even if you burn me ( I will not stop, no matter what)
(6)ovvoru vidhaiyilum vruksham olindhulladhe,
ovvoru vidiyalum enadhu peyar solludhe,
panamum pugalum unadhu kannai maraikkiradhe,
in every seed, there is a hidden tree,
every sunrise (morning) will chant my name from now on,
money and praise are blinding your eyes,
(7)indru kanda avamaanam vendru tharum vegumaanam,
vaaname thaalalaam thaalvadhillai thanmaanam,
what ever shame I went through today, it will make me win accolades later ( will instill the feeling to win, failure is the steeping stone to success),
the sky may come down, but my self respect will not go down,
(8)medu pallam illaamal vaalvil enna sandhosham,
paaraigal neenginaal kodaikillai sangeedham,
without up’s and down’s there is no happiness in life,
if the boulders are not there , where is the music in the water falls
(9)poimaiyum vanjamum unadhu poorvigame,
rathamum vervaiyum enadhu rajaangame,
enadhu nadayil unadhu padaigal podi padume,
falsehood, deceit may be your ancestors,
blood, sweat are my mainstay,
in my walk your army will be down to pieces,

8 Eye Opening Entrepreneurial Teachings from Dalai Lama

The teachings of Dalai Lama have always been a great source of inspiration and enlightenment for many successful personalities around the globe. Forbes compiles a list of lessons that any entrepreneur can draw from the teachings of the holy Tibetan Monk.

Let us take a look at Dalai Lama’s teachings which lead us to entrepreneurial success.

1. Do what you love to the fullest

Always follow your heart for every question that arises in your mind. Listening to your inside and working towards it to the fullest is the most simple and true way to achieve success. In some situations, the rate at which you attain success might be slow, but at least you have the satisfaction that you are doing something completely on your own intuition and not under any pressure. At the end, it is your life, your career and your enterprise, and only you must be the master of your conscience.

2. Make the noble sacrifice

Judge your achievements or success with the amount of sacrifice that you had to make and all that you had to give up in order to attain it. Any achievement is lifeless and bland without the pain of sacrifice. Sacrifice can be of many types; some times it is just a long wait, relationship or even comfort. But you are to make the decision of prioritizing and ascending towards the greater good.

3. Lose gloriously when you do

Entrepreneurship is not always about climbing the ladder of success. Sometimes there are hard falls and you must not lose your honor in the dark times. Adapt to the harsh times, learn from the mistakes you did that led to this day and never forget the true lessons you have learnt in life. It is very easy to lose heart in your venture and give in, but only the strong people rise and fight back.

4. Stay prepared

You must always stay laced and on your toes for any kind of situation. Learn the rules of the game deep enough so that you are always driven by your instincts to what is probably the fittest thing to do at a particular turn of events. You should always stay brushed with your rulebook and keep your eyes open.

5. Treasure your relations

Trivial disputes, especially related to money, can ruin the strongest bonds of affection. Never let financial issues drift you apart from people who have stayed so close to your heart since the beginning and been a support in your happiness as well as troubles. Nurture relationships and build bridges. Become an enabler, says Forbes.

6. Do not lose your values

The journey towards entrepreneurial success calls for many changes that you need to incur in your personal and professional life. In order to dedicate yourself completely to your work, do not forget the hard earned values because you lose all your passion and devotion once you are away from your teachings and once you fall, you will shatter.

7. Follow the three Rs

Relationship with your peers and employees boils down to basically three Rs that every entrepreneur must religiously follow to be a good leader. One must Respect Others, Respect himself and be Responsible of actions in all aspects of venture at all stages.

8. Silence is the best answer

When you are criticized for your failure and you find it harsh, there is an undying surge inside that provokes you to confront and answer back. Many a times this can lead to devastation and the best thing to do in such a situation to keep the cool and ignore everything they say. Your silence towards them would be a stone cold answer to all the mockeries.

SOURCE: siliconindia.com

Twitter Business

Posting Habits:  Referred from twitter official help files.

  1. Monday: special Promotions
  2. Tuesday: Behind-the-scenes
  3. wednesday: Helpful tips
  4. Thursday: Media Spotlights
  5. Friday: focus on your people


Ask questions.Listen. Then show people you’re listening by responding. You’ll be amazed at the valuable insights you'll get about your customers.
Watch the clock. keep your messages timely by tweeting your relevant tweets during events or breaking news
Use Hashtags for your tweets,   so that audience can organise your tweets and also can join conversation.
Behind the scene photos or insights about your Business 's process.
Give Deal/offer/discounts/promos to your followers.
Share positive Tweets that solve a problem, answer a question, entertain or inspire
Don’t be afraid to ask.
Get proactive. Ask your customers if they are following you on Twitter and what they think about your Tweets. Find out if there’s anything you can do differently that would make the experience better or more valuable for them.

Basic Description:

Twitter is a social network has simple option
POST : Where you can post your status upto 142 words
RETWEET : you can reply to you friend status. This reply is tweeted on your friend wall
FAVOURITE : This let you to mark any tweets as your favourite
FOLLOW : this let to know you what the following person is updating in his wall like 'what he is doing, where he is goin.,etc. 
you will see the tweets of one who you are following.As same like that The one who is following you would see whatever you are doing.
For example:If i'm searching 'nokia' Twitter people who tweeted their tweets with '#nokia' would be listed in my search list. You might have heard of this word- Twitter trends Twitter trending is top listed according to the counting of #word.
MESSAGE option
Its messaging service to your friend personally